What 8 things you must bring when you travel.


It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

You could go wherever you want to go within these pages.  We have traveled to Alaska and we have gone fly-fishing! When you’re travel to a cold location what do you bring?

As we travel through you could come with us!

This here in Alaska, look how the water falls through the mountains how beautiful. My husband had binoculars, and you could literally see the water running down! Wow

Bring your camera and stay warm

Backpacking tips
Backpacking Trips

Make sure you pack warm. Have layers of clothes to stay warm. Carry plenty of water, you can never have to much water

Mountains Beauty
Family Hiking Trips

Look at this beauty, always travel in two’s. If you can go on a tour. Stay close to your tour guide. My husband brings his compass

Canoe sports
Water Sports

I know with water sports you get wet. Bring extra shirts and clothing. Never forget your camera you will see those most beautiful scenes and you dont’ want to miss them

Winter activities
Winter Sports

Now my daughter loves skiing Bring a warm jacket or rent one at a lodge if your staying nearby.

Why Outdoor Adventure

It’s important to get vitamin D outside. Move those legs and get going. Don’t forget your moisturizer! It’s important to stay moisturized.

What You Get?

An amazing pleasure and sheer joy of seeing all the beauty. With the cold weather and has worked for me is sunscreen, it does wonders for me you don’t want to get freezer burn, for some reason that works for me. A g reat tip is aloevera, you can never go wrong for burns.