I am a Freelance Writer. I love to travel and help promote companies by going to their location and writing about it. Business owners get the value, press and recognition they so want and deserve.  I enjoy helping people who don’t know how to promote or don’t know what to do. This is why writing is important. I Recently started this blog to keep memories alive and promote the locations that I have gone to as well. I will share with you where you could go, the experience that we had and why we recommend it. If you want to promote your business, we could help you with that. We take pictures as well. A picture is worth a thousand words Here is a creek we found in Ketchikan, Alaska Find out what your budget is and stick to it. You want to have not go in debt. Write down, how long you want to stay. Find out if you want to fly or rent a car or go on a cruise Now it’s time to do your research and find out who is offering where you want to go? What they offering do you want an all inclusive package or are you going to different tours and you need to be picked up?



Here is a creek we found in Ketchikan, Alaska
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