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I am a Freelance Writer, travel writer and author. I love to travel, help promote companies by going to their location and writing about it to their customers, It's a win win for everyone involved. Business owners get the value, press and recognition they so want and desire and I get to travel to new locations and inform my readers.

I just finished writing my book called "Do Not Fear" it's a blueprint on how to become fearless and it's really helping so many people, especially with this pandemic it shows you step by step things you might be doing that are making you confused, full of anxiety and fear. Come on download it today all you have to lose is fear itself, click on the link today. Don't forget to get 50% off the book today before the price goes up here it is:  https://lillian.sendibble.com/donotfearebook 

I have flown to the Grand Canyon, and Journeyed on the train in Williamsburg, AZ what an amazing experience it was.  I have traveled to Alaska and have gone fishing and wade in the crystal waters of Alaska, had fresh salmon and even pand for gold. What a treat it was to look at the dolphines, eagles and even bears from a distance of course. I so enjoyed the sled ride and even got to go on a tour guide to find the best place to go fly fishing my husband had a blast.

We have had a great time telling your customers why they should go to your location and give your readers the experience they want. We also Cruised to Belize, as well as Honduras and went to a beautiful resort there, crystal waters, resting in a hamic, and being served the best food ever.

We have journed to the Cayman Islands, Costa mesa. We have traveled to Jamaica and have flown to Barcelona. The paella there is the best. We have also traveled to Italy, Palma and Rome, from the food being sold by vendors on the streeet and excellent mom and pop shops.

The wine in Italy is delicious, you will never forget the way it just flows in mouth and the taste in your pallet with the variety of different foods. We have gone to many restaurants, located in quiet corners. The food is always delightful. I remember drinking a glass of red Cabernet and it had a hint of raspberry with a taste of nutmeg. That wine really brought out the taste of that steak it complemented it very well and I nibbled every piece of that steak. They gave us a taste of their chocolate cake and the sleek dark chocolate was great with the cabernet as well.

I love making your dreams into a reality by writing about your business and giving your customer's the experience of a life time. This is why writing is important. I Recently started this blog to keep memories alive and promote the locations that I have gone to as well. I will share with you where you could go, the experience that we had and why we recommend it. If you want to promote your business, we could help you with that.











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