Fear Tolerated Is Faith Contaminated


Don’t let Fear take away your dream!

  • Whatever you want to do in life … you have to put action behind it.
  • If you want that promotion… apply for it.
  • Want to go on that vacation… put down a deposit
  • Write that book .. sit down and start it
  • Go to school… fill out the paperwork
  • Start cruising … log in and register

Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For The Evidence Of Things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

That means that you have to start with hope. In this world of instant gratification we want things now and don’t want to wait on the Lord. Remember we are here to serve our Lord and do His will. Not our will.

We have to shift our mindset. Just because it’s a delay doesn’t mean its a denial. Have hope and trust that the Lord knows what’s better for you.

I have noticed these past few days, that people have been so afraid. Many have put their hopes and dreams on the back burner and have given in to FEAR.

Remember that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Be of good cheer, be strong, be vigilant, prepared and don’t panic. When thought’s come charging in. Breathe, close your eyes and see what thoughts are trying to creep in.

Think On Purpose

Think , take thought. Don’t allow those thoughts to run wild in your mind. You decide what will go in that precious mind of yours . Thoughts may come and you have to pay attention. Are they positive? If not positive then cast it down. If it’s to much for you, Cast your cares upon to the Lord. We’re not meant to carry these cares, so give them to our Lord Jesus, 1 Peter 5:7. He loves you so much. So be at peace and remember you are beautifully and wonderfully made

So I have to come to remind you not to give in to fear. It’s true you cannot have faith and doubt at the same time. If you doubt you give in to fear. Whoever you feed more grows.

Now fear will come and go, and it all depends on how we react to it. Remember when you went on that first job interview? You were afraid but you still went. What about that first date ? Lord knows you were so nervous , full of butterflies, afraid of the unknown but you went on that first date anyway, you didn’t allow that emotion to dictate the outcome of that first date.

The Lord is with you wherever you go!