7 Things to know before you go fly-fishing-



There is my husband D and son Joshua fly-fishing in Alaska

We just went to Alaska and how beautiful it was!  I put this picture of my husband and son, wow it was great!

Hi My name is Lillian and I am a copywriter, travel writer and blogger.  I love writing and sharing where we have traveled  and the joys of our journey.

My Husband has been a fly-fisherman for over 25 years he really enjoys it, but what he really wanted was to go to was Alaska. 

So off we went to Alaska, we went by Cruise so we got to go to the different cities like Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, and how exciting, thrilling it was.

We went again two years ago and this time we flew to Anchorage, Alaska. I will go into more depth in my other blog regarding the creek.

We came to this place that you are looking at, the air smelled so clean and brisk, you could hear the birds and see nature.  You could feel the sun kiss your face with her warmth. The beauty of the Mountains scream look at me!  The Wondrous works of the Lord!

My husband brought his waders and made sure that he had the proper rods, reel and fly’s to fish with.

I didn’t realize how important it was to make sure that you have the correct fishing gear to catch the right fish.

My husband laughed and explained the reasons with me.  I have enjoyed learning this new journey with my husband in fishing. 

I am a city girl from New York and never fished until he took me fishing.  I remember when we first starting dating, he took me to a secluded area in the woods and I heard a noise and said oh that’s a frog he said no that’s a gator and I  halted and said oh my goodness how could you take me here, he chuckled and said no worries, don’t bother him he won’t bother you. 

It’s been 11 years that we have been together and I have really appreciated the skill it takes to fish, he does it so masterfully and makes it looks so easy.

I tell him babe you have this down to a science and he blushes. I tell him that he has mastered the art of fishing.

He is retired so he goes fishing two to three times a week.  When I go fishing with him, has everything ready for me, my rod and reel and of course bait.

Many people especially in church are always asking him for tips since he loves to fish.  

I love writing and suggested to write an eBook, so  his friends that are interested in fishing could have it, he was ecstatic and was a big help in all the research!

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Have fun 🙂



Lillian and D